III. Early Colonial Period

  1. The Explorations

    1. Spanish to the South -- Gold & Silver

    2. English to the North

    3. The Political Economy of England

      1. Wool and Coal

      2. Turmoil Touched off by Henry VIII

  2. Why was England Interested in Colonization

    1. Natural Resources

    2. Social & Political Turmoil in England

    3. The Joint Stock Companies

    4. Virginia Colony

      1. Economics: Tobacco and System of Indentured Servitude

      2. Politics: Bicameral Legislature; Common Law; Judicial Review

    5. The Pilgrims

    6. What Made the New England Colonies successful: Trade

    7. Evidence of Success: Probate Records

      1. Colonial Wealth in New England

      2. Colonial Wealth in the Chesapeake

IV. The Colonial Economy

  1. The Elaborate Regulatory Context, International Trade Attitudes, and the Mercantilist System

  2. Role of the Colonies in Intl. System

  3. Major Exports of Colonies

  4. Trade Problems of New England

  5. Enumerated Articles & Enforcement

  6. Real Magnitude of Balance of Payments

  7. The Role of Paper Money

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