Description of Peltzman Codes

                   *****PELTZMAN CATEGORIES*****
  1.  Budget General Interest 
       Debt limit; budget targets; revenue sharing; unemployment 
       insurance; tax rates; continuing appropriations; etc. 
  2.  Budget Special Interest 
       Authorization/appropriations for agencies, departments; 
       public works; subsidized housing; NSF; parks; food stamps; etc. 
  3.  Regulation General Interest 
       General tariffs; minimum wage; gasoline rationing; auto 
       emissions; water pollution; etc. 
  4.  Regulation Special Interest 
       Union regulations; coal mine regulations; export/import 
       controls; fish and wildlife; etc. 
  5.  Domestic Social Policy 
       Abortion; school prayer; busing; criminal code and federal 
       courts; immigration; gun control; Hatch Act; veterans preference; 
       Legal Services Corporation; voting rights; slavery; etc. 
 61.  Defense Policy Budget 
       Authorization/appropriations for military; military pensions. 
 71.  Defense Policy Resolutions 
       Number of Army divisions; duties of officers; etc.  
 62.  Foreign Policy Budget 
       Authorization/appropriations for State Department and 
       international organizations; etc. 
 72.  Foreign Policy Resolutions 
       Condemn/thank foreign nations; Taiwan relations; disapproval 
       of apartheid; etc. 
  8.  Government Organization 
       Setting up new agencies/bureaus/commissions; civil service 
       regulations; government reorganization; Federal Election 
       Commission; constitutional amendments; admission of States; 
       census; etc. 
  9.  Internal Organization 
       Election of Speaker; party ratios on committees; creating 
       committees; procedural rules; disputed elections; congressional 
       pay; etc. 
 10.  Indian Affairs 
       Indian treaties; appropriations for Indian Department; Indian 
       lands and reservations; etc. 
 11.  D. C. 
       All votes dealing with the District of Columbia.