9th House Roll Call Data

9th House Roll Call Data (Stata 7 File)

9th House Codebook

UPDATED 21 December 2014. This data was put in the correct order of time. There were a number of secret votes in the House to appropriate money to buy Florida. The original WPA data had these at the bottom of the listing.

The format of the roll call files is:

 1.  Congress Number
 2.  ICPSR ID Number:  5 digit code assigned by the ICPSR as 
                       corrected by Howard Rosenthal and myself.
 3.  State Code:  2 digit ICPSR State Code. 
 4.  Congressional District Number (0 if Senate)
 5.  State Name
 6.  Party Code:  100 = Dem., 200 = Repub. (See PARTY3.DAT)
 7.  Occupancy:  ICPSR Occupancy Code -- 0=only occupant; 1=1st occupant; 2=2nd occupant; etc.
 8.  Last Means of Attaining Office:  ICPSR Attain-Office Code -- 1=general election;
                2=special election; 3=elected by state legislature; 5=appointed
 9.  Name
10 - to the number of roll calls + 10:  Roll Call Data --
                             0=not a member, 1=Yea, 2=Paired Yea, 3=Announced Yea,
                                             4=Announced Nay, 5=Paired Nay, 6=Nay,
                             7=Present (some Congresses, also not used some Congresses),
                             8=Present (some Congresses, also not used some Congresses),
                             9=Not Voting                   

For frequency counts for the roll call data see Democrat and Republican Party Voting Splits Congresses 35 - 113.