Fall Semester AY2002-2003

Final Examination

3 December 2002

Instructions: Choose any 2 of the following 3 Questions to answer. Each answer must be typed in WORD and be less than five double-spaced pages. The answers are due by noon, 16 December 2002.

  1. James Madison in Federalist # 10 states that "As long as the connection subsists between his reason and his self-love, his opinions and his passions will have a reciprocal influence on each other; and the former will be objects to which the latter will attach themselves." What implications does this have for building a science of politics?

  2. Relate the Hinich and Munger "Hot Dog Cart" example to the spatial model of party competition (c. 1975 that we went over in class). Does it make sense to assume that political parties/candidates converge at the median voter?

  3. Are the arguments made by Converse in "The Nature of Belief Systems..." and Hinich and Pollard in their AJPS article compatible? If not why not. If so, how?